And we are live!

What started as a basic discussion about some practical firearms handling has turned into something a bit more.

While talking with a couple of companies about their H&S Management plane involving firearms, we started to see a rather large hole in existing systems.

Health & Safety and Policy Management isn’t just about doing some training and putting some stuff down on paper – it’s about having a comprehensive system that educates users, provides traceability and ultimately improves the way we do things.

Starting this project, we discovered just how little information there is for workplace firearms use, and what is around is often old, partial or just flat out wrong.

GunSafe is destined to become a resource site for any organisation that uses firearms in their daily work. Starting with a couple of key clients, we have developed the beginning of a library of documents, from high-level policy, through to equipment-specific procedures. The intent being that the clients have access to a growing base of knowledge – one which is kept being added to as new questions, situations and usages cases arrive. Does the client have a particular requirement? It gets added to the library for all to use, utilise, comment on and improve.

Step One

Up now is an online repository that combines a document library available for all clients to use and a private, company-specific section that contains Policy documents, company registers and more. The Team Managers can edit and add to the registers and team members can view. This provides clean and efficient document control and management – as there is only ever one version of a document available to the group. Printed versions become immediately uncontrolled, but updates tell users when new revisions have come online.

Step Two

Initially the competency and understanding component is traditional – that is – staff read the process/policy and sign/indicate they understand it – this is supplemented with some hands-on training. Step Two (underway now) adds online training – simple, small modules that staff can complete at their own time – that provides competency testing no matter where in the country they might be.

In addition, we will be adding in modules that are general educational in nature – related to firearms use, but not required for company use. These modules may also be made available to the general public in the future as an online learning platform – specific to firearms use.

Step Three

This is already happening, but will certainly be expanded – hand’s on training! We are providing some safe firearms handling courses to a couple of companies at the moment – but will also look to develop competency specific courses in the future.


Part of the research and frustration has been figuring out what/where/how any ‘official’ certification can be done. While there are some NZQA standards related to firearms handling, most or expired, expiring, or there is no-one that can actually award, or evaluate training on them. It’s a little bit of a deadlock we are working on to try and clear up.

Get in touch!

Use firearms in your work and want to see what is going on in the background? Get in touch – happy to show you around – the more clients we get involved – the bigger and better it gets for all!