The 2021 buyback for prohibited firearms

Police have announced details for the second buy-back of prohibited firearms. Unlike the first buy-back there will be no bulk collection points, so owners of the now prohibited firearms will need to visit the local police station to hand their firearms in.

The buy-back will run from 1 February until 1 May 2021. Compensation applications need to be lodges within that timeframe.

You need to book in prior to heading into a drop off. Email the Police on to book.

As per the last time, newly prohibited firearms cannot be used and need to be stored securely until surrendered.

Newly prohibited firearms

Pump action centrefire rifles with a detachable magazine.

Centrefire pump-action rifles that are capable of being used with a detachable magazine, or that have a non-detachable magazines (tubular or otherwise) that are capable of holding more than 10 cartridges commensurate with that firearm’s chamber size.

These are rifles like the Troy Pump Action or the Remmington .223 Pump-action that became available after the first round of buy-backs.

If you have a centrefire pump-action (likely a .223) that takes a detachable magazine, or, has a tube magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, it is now prohibited.

Lowers that can be used with centrefire uppers

Note: 0.22 rimfire semi-automatics with magazines of 10 rounds or less remain for the most part out from the definition of prohibited firearm. However, if the firearm has a lower receiver capable of being attached to a centrefire upper receiver resulting in a functioning centrefire firearm, it is prohibited.

More than likely, if you purchased a .22LR upper for an existing lower you had – it is now prohibited.


Semi-automatic pistols (semi-automatic firearms less that 762mm in overall length) that are not “small” semi-automatic pistols.

The term being used is ‘not small semi-automatic pistols’ – but most owners will understand they are basically short AR’s that were technically classed as a Pistol due to their short length.

Pistol Carbine Kits

Existing owners will be able to apply to keep them.

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