Shooting Equipment Asset Management

A systematic approach to the governance of equipment that an entity is responsible for, over the whole life cycle.


Compliance, much like quality control is in large part about the documentation and traceability of the equipment used.

Can you show the equipment has been set up right? Maintained right? By suitable people?

Ensure you are documenting what you have, when you got it, when it was last tested and when it needs to be replaced.


Ensure you get the right firearms and equipment for the job. Fit for purpose, tested and proven to provide the accuracy and performance stipulated in the usage case.

Utilising Firearms Employment Zone Analysis methodology we test specific firearm an ammunition combinations to ensure that you have the right gun for the job and can show it!


We can organise the purchase and setup of new firearms and related equipment. Don’t just get stuck with a new firearm that doesn’t shoot. Get it set up right the first time, and save the frustration.

Policy & Training

Specialist equipment requires specialised training – from shooting instruction through to night-vision orientation courses – get your staff spun up and efficient.


Regular maintenance of equipment prolongs life, increases efficiency and ensure safe operation. Get your investment looked after correctly and document it.


When it’s time to upgrade, refurbish or replace, we can help close off the loop of efficient asset management.

Firearms Employment Zone Analysis

Model-Based, statistical quantification of hit percentages of a given shooting system on specified targets as a function of range.

The analysis takes into account environmental and shooter variables and gives an impartial report on the suitability of a particular shooting system in an environment.

Using a suite of desktop ballistic modelling packages – we are able to develop a realistic and impartial evaluation of shooting systems.

  • System-specific modelling accounts for the combination of firearm and ammunition
  • Ammunition velocity consistency determines ammunition suitability
  • Uncertainty environments tailored to the workplace – determining how the hit percentage is affected in relation to variables in real-world shooting
  • Shooter accuracy levels account for the nominal shooter accuracy
  • Detailed plots and tables of hit percentages enable evaluation of suitability of a system in an environment

A calculated system Error Budget results in one thing – confidence you are using the right tool for the job.

Not just firearms.

We are also able to spec and supply night vision equipment, firearms accessories, ammunition, first aid equipment, hearing protection and much much more.

If it’s firearms usage related, we can advise and supply.

Gear Selection Reference Documents

Our ‘whitepaper’ documents on appropriate gear selection and implementation. Formed after many years of testing, using and implement shooting equipment and systems.