Firearms risk management that evolves.

Don’t let your health & safety plan gather dust on a shelf.

Focused, specialist risk management.

First of all, we need to make this clear. We do not replace your existing Health & Safety System. If you don’t have one already – you need to get that sorted. We might be able to help, but we are a specialist in Firearms Risk Management. This system sits within your established system and provides focused and specialised policy, process and procedure to ensure proper management of a potentially hazardous undertaking.

The Process

Man, do we love processes! Clear policy process and procedure is actually quite freeing. It allows management and staff to understand and have a clear direction in all aspects of business and instead focus on the creative and strategic thinking that is most important. Your staff shouldn’t be wondering about how they are meant to be cleaning and storing firearms, they should be focusing on efficient pest management, logistics, or whatever the actual point of your business is. And it starts with us understanding your needs.

First. We ask. We understand.

We don’t claim to know everything. That would be ignorant and dangerous. What we do have, is inquisitive minds, and, a growing network of workplace firearms users that provides us with a ‘hive mind’ that grows each time we interact with a new client.

The first thing we do is ask a lot of questions. Then we can figure out how we can best help you. The first step, of course – is to get in touch!

Utilise the Hive Mind

Collective Intelligence, shared experience, learning and developing together. Our systems are based on the collective knowledge of all our customers. While we protect your privacy and security and would never share the details, the concepts and lessons learnt, allow workplace firearms management practices to improve for all.

Instead of a one-off consultation and something to tick off and put into the document folder to gather dust, we prefer a much more interactive, ongoing relationship with clients. Our online library is being constantly added to and updated, and is accessible by team leads and firearms handlers.


Once we have a thorough understanding of how we can help. We get to work.

The first thing we do is set up you up with logon to the client area of this site. In addition, we add you to the update list, so whenever we add or modify the library, you get notified immediately.

Inside the online library you will find:

Policy, Registers, Records
Policy, Registers, Records

Unique to you, a comprehensive firearms use policy is generated, specific to your business and your site.

We set up a firearms register, authorised personals register, as well as a place to store firearms testing and servicing records and staff training certificates.

Keep everything secure, in one place, accessible by all your authorised staff.

Process and Procedure
Process and Procedure

The library of documents covers off everything involved in the lifecycle of workplace firearms use. From firearms testing and competency requirements, through to storage and cleaning, pre-shoot checks and process, handling and shooting and end of day shoots.

Have specialist requirements? Night shooting? Thermal Scope use? Request it, we create it, everyone gets to use it.

Reference Papers
Reference Papers

For those interested in gear recommendations and comparisons, this is the place to head. Looking for hearing protection recommendations? Need to get a new safe for secure storage?

We discuss considerations and provide some specific recommendations as to what you need, why and how to implement it best.

How do I keep up to date?

There is no point in us updating the library if you don’t know about it.

We have a simple update system that will update you via email whenever we put up any new updates or processes. This will give you the heads up to visit the client area and catch up on anything new.

Team Leads will get an opportunity to provide feedback on new documents before things go live as well.

Already have a document control system in place? No problem.

Many companies will already have a document control system in place. This will likely require a hardcopy of all policies and processes to be kept, as well as a digital file on the company servers.

All files are downloadable out of the client area and can be stored and used anywhere. However, you just need to be fastidious about your own management of revisions and updates. Make sure you removed the old version out of circulation.

Staff will still get updates that something new is released – and will be encouraged to keep up to date with revisions through quick quizzes and tests.