How did Alec Baldwin shoot and kill someone with a ‘cold’ gun?

Short version – we don’t know – but – that doesn’t stop the internet jumping to conclusions, and even more sadly, starting to create a wide swarth of meme’s making a joke out of the situation.

To recap though:

  • Someone has died
  • Someone was injured
  • Someone’s life (and potentially career) was ruined

But hey, who wants to miss out on their 15 minutes of internet fame by creating the best meme! (that is sarcasm, just in case you missed it).

Many sites online seem to have some vague facts and then bolster the articles with a pile of loosely related text in an attempt to create a longer article.

What is coming out though, that is a little concerning, is that it seems it wasn’t the fire firearms incident on set, and, there were a lot of people who also were concerned about the safety and handling of firearms on set. The movie armourer seems to have been rather inexperienced, and, maybe one thing I take away from it – the director, actors and other people utilising the firearms, didn’t seem to know how to actually check if the firearm was indeed clear before firing it.

All firearms owners (hopefully) understand the vital importance of checking and understanding the function of firearms themselves, and maybe that would be a good responsibility to extend to actors and others who are using them in their jobs/roles.

Regardless, the reaction and persecution without understanding all the facts, primarily, it would seem, from firearms owners themselves; is a sad reflection of how many people, even those who are quick to complain about people making judgements/decisions/comments/policy without fully understanding the situation, are quick to make judgements/decisions/comments without fully understanding the situation

Quotes from a variety of ‘internet’ sources

  • A spokesperson for Baldwin said a prop gun with blanks misfired.
  • It was not clear if Baldwin was performing at the time of the shooting or how many rounds were fired, and little was known about the weapon.
  • Halls did not know there were live rounds in the gun, the affidavit said.
  • Before Thursday’s shooting, some crew members quit the production over concerns related to safety — including gun inspections
  • The rounds were accidentally fired October 16 by Baldwin’s stunt double after he was told the gun was “cold,” two of the crew members, who witnessed the discharges, told the newspaper.
  • The film’s production company told Deadline in a statement that it was not notified of official complaints regarding weapon or prop safety on set.