Pest Controllers have additional responsibility.

I get a feed of the nation’s news with the keyword ‘firearm’ in it – and sometimes things pop up that sparks some thoughts.

The link above is reflective of it.

On its surface, it’s simple – firearms owners need to be wary of where they are shooting.

Discharging a firearm, airgun, pistol or restricted weapon in or near a dwelling house or public place so as to endanger property or to endanger, annoy or frighten any person.

Page 54, Arms Code – Offences with Firearms

Here is the rub, of course, if you are doing this as part of a workplace role, then you have requirements, not only under the Arms Act, but also the Health and Safety at Work Act.

But Kerry, you say – I am just shooting some pests on the farm!

Well. Yes. Do you derive an income from that farm? Is the local farmer paying you do get rid of those pests off his farm? Payment, rewards and Koha can all fall under the same category here, btw. If so, then your pest control is actually a workplace activity.

The awareness of firearms is rather heightened in the community at the moment and likely to remain so for some time. Make sure you have your workplace (Worksafe) responsibilities covered off, as well as those expected from you as a firearms owner.