Pricing and Schedules

Yeah, yeah, yeah, how much?

Sorry. We are going to have to give you an answer that we also don’t like to hear. It depends.

GunSafe has been created as a resource, not just a service. It is our hope that over time, it will continue to grow and form NZ’s best (and really only) resource for Workplace Firearms Management.

We work, primarily on a subscription basis, with a setup fee and a course fee, depending on what, where and how many.

A Pest Control Operation with a single owner/operator is a very different business to one with staff and sub-contractors around the country. And while many of the policies and process will remain the same, how those are managed, and the reporting required will differ.

We need to chat to figure out the specifics – but the program looks like this –

Inital Setup

This is an initial interview and onboarding – depening on the size and complexity of the company – this could be a phone conversation, or it could be a series of meetings.

Based on this, we customised and tailor the company firearms handling policy just for you.


Your annual subscription gets you access to all our procedures and policies, and, gets our ear in regards to the new ones you need.

If you need it, likely so do our other clients – so we create it – the resource grows and the knowledge and safety culture improves.

Annual Training

Again, this depends a lot of the team structure and size. We do day courses to onboard the entire team, have run team-building weekends that also feature the policy and process orintation, but smaller companies may just need to watch the videos we provide.

The annual catchup also provides us with the opportuinity to gather feedback, check the systems are working for you and continue to help both organisations grow.

Group Knowledge, Individual Application

So, while we grow with each new client, and our existing and future clients all benefit through the pool of knowledge it creates, we also acknowledge that each company is different enough to require individual treatment. Get in touch. Let us know how we can help you, we are happy to provide a free management audit to see what you have in place at the moment, and then we can suggest how we could fit in.