Safety Considerations with Lever Actions

The Browning BLR .223 is a modern Lever Action. Like many lever actions designs, even those brand new in-store now – it doesn’t actually have a ‘safety’ as we would understand it with modern firearms.

What it has instead, is an exposed hammer with a half-cock functionality. This is based on the traditional method of de-cocking a firearm so that the hammer/pin/firing mechanism is either locked or unable to deliver enough kinetic energy to fire the gun.

On this, it’s not the safety itself that would be a concern – rather the actual act of going from fully cocked to half-cocked required you to put your thumb on the back of the hammer, press the trigger and carefully lower the hammer down. Slip, and the firearm potentially will go off. In a cold, wet environment – this makes me nervous.

Evaluate the risk, understand the consequences.