Training and Testing

Ensure your staff are not only aware of the company policy but understand it and put it into action.

Getting the appropriate policy and process in place is only half the job. You also need to ensure, and show, that your staff are not only fully aware of the policies in place but also capable of putting them into action. Competency is key. We have a variety of methods of training up your staff and often find a combination of them all works best.

Tracking and showing your training and competency of staff is a key part in compliance and showing you have taken all practical steps in ensuring everyone goes home safe. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.

Safety Testing

Our first point of call is safety testing.

While it is common to defer to handlers already having a firearms licence and therefore deemed competent – it’s also true to observe that ten years is a long time between testing and many things change. Best practice, even within the firearms licence program has significantly changed in the last few years, and it is our view, that, much like a Forklift Licence (every three years) or First Aid Certificate (every two years) more regular training and testing is required to ensure safe, competent and ethical firearms use.

Because we are dealing with equipment that definitely has the potential for catastrophe, we suggest implementing regular testing, line with annual documentation reviews.

While our policy system incorporates competency testing (accuracy) into our equipment traceability testing (precision), a once a year session allows us to update shooters on new developments in regards to best practice, and ensure everyone understands company policy and process and is following it as required.

Competency Testing

We have developed some simple to test competency standards for our firearms management process. A good use policy stipulates that shooters are required to be able to show that their firearm and their shooting is up to an ethical and safe standard. Most shooters are already able to do this – but does the company currently have any documentation or system to prove it?

Tested at a variety of distances, dependant of the firearm and it’s primary use – the process we have developed is simple to test, but clearly illustrates the ability of the shooter and the firearm.

Accuracy Testing

Test and document the ability of the firearm and the shooter to take safe, ethical shots.


In-person training offers the opportunity for discussion and questions – and can be catered specifically for your staff.


For many, online training is the most convenient method of learning. Your place, your time. Also perfect for refreshing knowledge and skills.

In Field

Nothing beats learning in the field. Hands-on, real-world training. This is also a great team-building option and orientation for new workers.

Create a living safety system.

Too many policies end up gathering dust on a shelf.

Through regular upskilling and mini-updates, staff have safety and compliance kept in their vision, kept in their thoughts and kept in their work. Regular, short consumption of new information though policy and process update emails, new fun tests and quizzes to do (and earning badges) and rewards for extra learning.

Online Training