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Changes to the Regulations regarding carrying firearms in vechiles.

https://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2021/0434/latest/whole.html Some new changes come into ‘law’ today which affect the carriage of firearms in vehicles, they are small, but important changes – and clarify some of the grey areas that have surrounded guns in cars for years. These are in the form of additions to regulation 19, which relate to the storage of firearms….

The 2021 buyback for prohibited firearms

Police have announced details for the second buy-back of prohibited firearms. Unlike the first buy-back there will be no bulk collection points, so owners of the now prohibited firearms will need to visit the local police station to hand their firearms in. The buy-back will run from 1 February until 1 May 2021. Compensation applications…

Lockdown challenges for workplaces firearms users.

While most of us are currently in lockdown, there there are a few who are still needing the use of firearms for workplace duties. This may be pest control on the farm, animal management on airport runways, or simply having procedures in pace ‘just in case’ for dangerous animal magement. Is it work or recreation?…

  1. Arms Legislation Act 2020 https://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/2020/0023/latest/LMS256577.html