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Pest Controllers have additional responsibility.

https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/central-otago/shots-near-homes-%E2%80%98ongoing-issue%E2%80%99 I get a feed of the nation’s news with the keyword ‘firearm’ in it – and sometimes things pop up that sparks some thoughts. The link above is reflective of it. On its surface, it’s simple – firearms owners need to be wary of where they are shooting. Discharging a firearm, airgun, pistol or…

A discussion about Half-Cock in regards to firearms safety.

https://vimeo.com/390344303 Also relevant to this discussion – half-cock, by international standards will generally refer to something done with exposed hammer firearms – like a revolver. This is also applicable to many lever-action rifles – where the exposed hammer can be ‘half’ cocked – meaning drawn back only half-way from the down position. The position of…

Failure to maintain equipment results in fines.

Ensuring all equipment in the workplace is suitable for use, and in a suitable condition. This includes firearms.

If you don’t have traceability with your firearms, you are not taking all practicable steps to ensure the safety of your staff and those around them.

And we are live!

What started as a basic discussion about some practical firearms handling has turned into something a bit more. While talking with a couple of companies about their H&S Management plane involving firearms, we started to see a rather large hole in existing systems. Health & Safety and Policy Management isn’t just about doing some training…